Open and taste the wraps without heating… Or if you prefer in the microwave for 15-20 seconds at medium temperature on the grill!

The Organic Gluten Free Line is increasingly the core of research and innovation of manufacturing companies.
These efforts are supported by a market that is becoming more and more focused on the quality of the food, and that is based on the customers’ demand, bearing in mind the related risks and the good taste of the products.

The result is that Organic Gluten Free products are available almost everywhere.

Our wrap and our pizza bases for people with celiac disease are tasty and highly digestible, ideal for those who want a healthy and balanced diet.
It is a great option also for sportspeople and people who care about their muscle tone.

Natural Food Organic Gluten Free products are:

Palm Oil-free
Animal fat-free


Therefore they have the right amount of calories and carbohydrates, for a diet that focuses on the physical well-being.
Organic Gluten Free products should be genuine, representing a type of healthy foods, without any type of allergen and toxic residues of pesticides, without the use of synthetic chemical products, produced respecting the nature, using environmentally-friendly farming systems.

Organic Gluten Free products have to be 100% vegetarian.
For this reason, Natural Food’s “Crossed Sheaf” trademark guarantees the high quality of these products.

Gluten Free wrap and Gluten Free Pizza Bases are Natural Food’s core production, which is focused on the production of bread substitutes.
Natural Food’s R&D is always working on new recipes and new tastes, just like the brand new:
Organic Hemp, Organic red beetroot, Organic Turmeric, Organic spinach and Organic Chia.
They are very tasty and soft.