Piada Passion Line

Most of the references within Piada Pssion Line are recognized by the Association VeganOK.
The 100% vegetarian Piada VeganOK in the Piada Passion Line are:

Palm Oil free
Animal fat free
Milk free
Egg free
Yeast free
Soy free

In this line, tastes are not many but also include the Traditional piada (flatbread), obviously not recognized VeganOK because made with “00” flour , water and animal fat.

Piada Passion tastes are: Vegetarian Extravirgin Olive Oil, Vegetarian Khorasan KAMUT® Organic, Vegetarian Light, Vegetarian Organic Light and Traditional.
In Light and Organic Light references fats are the 30% cheaper than the Traditional piada (flatbread).
References Khorasan KAMUT® Organic and Organic Light are made using only raw materials from certified organic farming without using pesticid.

VeganOK is the first certification for Ethical Vegan products originated in Italy, whose staff is entirely made up of vegans who care about the spread of this ethical choice.
Depth knowledge of every aspect of the Vegan choice and everything related to respect for the life of all living things, characterizes their work for over a decade.
VeganOK is the most common ethical standard in Italy with about 500 certified reality of companies and services.
VeganOK is present in the most important and influential exhibitions of the natural sector , ensuring that the consumer ‘s lack of animal parts in all kinds of products .